It all started with a wooden spoon

Well, actually many wooden spoons. 
Dedicated to crafting the look and feel of the special spoons our grandmothers used. We realized there was a community of people who valued not just the spoon but the feeling they got when they received one.
Remember licking the icing from the egg beaters while sitting on the kitchen stool? Ya, that's it. Warm and fuzzy. The wooden spoon is the pure joy of creating memories with your family. 
Village General Store was formed by a community of makers who create memories. Whether it's a piece of jewelry to give to your best friend to remind her she's courageous, or a blanket you snuggle up with on a lazy day that's big enough for two; you will find it here.
If it can't help tell a story, we don't have it:)

Our Community

These boots have a story. So does our community.
Each one of our makers in the Village Community have a passion for what they do and a story about how they got here.
Makers Britt and Matt sought to forge their own path; one that expressed what they honestly wanted to be, and who they always knew they were. 
Colleen decided to dream big and her jewelry is worn by celebrities. When she's not in her studio, she's indulging in a good strong cup of coffee, chauffeuring her children around town and occasionally watching reality TV just for fun.
We are so proud of all our makers that we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Our Village

Village General Stores' head office is in Creemore, Ontario, Canada. This is where the magic happens.
If it wasn't for Creemore, there wouldn't be a Village General Store. There is so much talent and crafters of beautiful things right here in Creemore, we felt right at home. 
We love our village; tell us why you love yours.

Our Purpose

When you purchase from Village General Store you are supporting people just like you who are dedicated to living a life without compromise. They love what they do and because they are able to create on their own terms, create their own future, they are inspiring.
But there's more...Village General Store was created solely to focus on a dream of establishing a Foundation to give to charities that help women and children.
We believe strongly that the best way for children to grow and achieve their dreams, women need to be empowered. When women are empowered they are the best versions of themselves, they are in control. It's not perfect but it's pretty magical when it happens. Who knows, that next blanket that you purchase could help provide a loan to a woman whose daughter is the next astronaut.
We reach for the stars here at Village General Store. Come join us.